Introduction to GCP 2.0

Is there a “global consciousness,” and does it affect the external world of matter? If we can scientifically demonstrate that a collective consciousness impacts our experience of reality in meaningful and material ways, will humanity intentionally use this knowledge to create a better world for all?

These are the questions being asked by the Global Consciousness Project 2.0 (GCP 2.0) which is a newly envisioned and expanded version of the global network of physical electronic devices which detect and quantify important aspects of human consciousness (i.e. attention and emotions). As these effects are observed on a global scale, they indicate a deep interconnectedness between human consciousness and the physical world. GCP 2.0 was developed and is maintained by the donor-funded HeartMath Institute (HMI), a nonprofit research and education organization in collaboration with other scientists and engineers from around the world.

At HMI we are committed to serving all people and the planet. We believe that we are at a point in the evolutionary history of human consciousness in which humanity has an opportunity to embrace the fundamental energetic interconnectivity inherent in the universe. We are developing the capacity and intention to create more inclusive and cooperative social, economic and cultural systems around the planet.

We, along with others, believe that every individual contributes to a global consciousness field environment, and each person’s attitudes, intentions and emotional experiences affect the collective field. By providing new scientific evidence of this fundamental interconnection, we all can help heal the separation that underlies challenges humanity is now facing, including wars, climate change, racial and cultural division, crises in healthcare, and political and religious extremism.

Effects of consciousness are important to understand scientifically, but the real power is how the quality of our consciousness impacts our daily lives, giving us the opportunity to make essential, healthy changes in the major systems (i.e., economic, political, educational, legal, climate, etc.) that dominate our world.

Our vision

A kinder heart-centered world where we care for one another and live harmoniously in peace.

Our Mission

To co-create a kinder, more compassionate world by conducting interconnectivity research and providing heart-based, science-proven tools for raising humanity’s baseline consciousness from separation and discord to compassionate care and cooperation.