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GCP 2.0

The Global Consciousness Project 2.0 (GCP 2.0) is a newly envisioned and expanded version of the global network of physical electronic devices which detect and quantify important aspects of human consciousness (i.e. attention and emotions). As these effects are observed on a global scale, they indicate a deep interconnectedness between human consciousness and the physical world. GCP 2.0 was developed and is maintained by the donor-funded HeartMath Institute (HMI), a nonprofit research and education organization in collaboration with other scientists and engineers from around the world. - learn more.

Investigating Interconnectivity

At HMI we are committed to serving all people and the planet. We believe that we are at a point in the evolutionary history of human consciousness in which humanity has an opportunity to embrace the fundamental energetic interconnectivity inherent in the universe. We, along with others, believe that every individual contributes to a global consciousness field environment, and each person’s attitudes, intentions and emotional experiences affect the collective field. By providing new scientific evidence of this fundamental interconnection, we all can help heal the separation that underlies challenges humanity is now facing, including wars, climate change, racial and cultural division, crises in healthcare, and political and religious extremism.

A video that talks about Unraveling the Science of Interconnectivity – Exploring the Relationship Between All Living Things

Apply To Become A Citizen Scientist and Host a NextGen RNG!

The GCP 2.0 team has created a new generation of state-of-the-art random number generators (NextGen RNGs) for detecting the effects of global consciousness. They are custom-built random number generators that normally produce random numbers, but shift into non-random behavior when major events synchronize attention and evoke powerful shared emotions. These new NextGen RNG devices are basically plug and play, so anyone meeting some simple requirements can own and host a device. To find out more and to apply, click here.