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Interconnectivity in Action

NextGen RNGs Across the World

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Device Coherence [significance level]
  • Normal
  • Elevated
  • High
  • Very High
  • Extreme

This map displays color patterns that reflect the current Coherence levels among the devices. There are two sizes of colored circles on the map. The smaller ones represent the Device Coherence for each device hosted by a citizen scientist. The larger ones represent the Cluster Coherence of a network of multiple devices in one region. For example, we have 20 devices in the Madrid cluster network. This is distinct from the global Network Coherence that includes all devices worldwide (as shown in the Network Coherence Indicator).

The typical circle color is magenta, indicating normal levels of Cluster (or Device) Coherence. However, some circles are a different color, representing rising levels of significance in the Cluster (or Device) Coherence. This may indicate coherence among people in the vicinity of that cluster (or device); at this point it is still cutting-edge research.

If you own a device and would like to find it:

  • Log in and get the Device Number or Nickname displayed on your dashboard
  • Hover over any device on the globe until you find the Device Number or Nickname that matches your device


Network Coherence

The Network Coherence Indicator reflects the current state of the network. Network Coherence is typically normal, while the other colored zones represent rising levels of significance in Network Coherence. This may indicate a change in Global Coherence across a large portion of humanity that is focusing attention or emotion on the same event.